Workout Creator

There are 5 most common types of workout "splits". To learn more about them, visit the following link. (All Credit to Bill Geiger)

To summarize the above link (which was amazing tips, you should definitely take the time to read through it), the 5 main types of workout splits, look something like this. Of courses, these aren't concrete but your own workout splits should look like the following:

Whole Body Split (great for beginners!)

Upper and Lower Body Split

Push/Pull/Legs (very popular amoung many gym-goers!)

Four Day Split (High volume + intensity training)

Five Day Split (Even higher volume + Intensity)

Remember, these splits don't include smaller muscle groups, such as calves or abdomials. It also dosen't include cardio. These can be included as you see fit.

Now, with the information provided above, select which split is appealing to you. Then, a selection of excercises will be provided to you, which you can adopt in your own workout plans.